Category: Nature

Park Diaries

  Green cascaded the surroundings with a coolness that brought comfort under the soaring heat with the photon packets, specifically due to the lack of trees in most part of the region encircling the middle eastern region of the globe and when one comes across this great grandeur of wilderness, that which provides us with ...

Unconquered Nature

In a far distance the sound of water pinging against the floor ensued, with the air being freshened by the foaming of highly pressurized water that cascaded the sky. 

Dawning Cosmos

Yet when dawn broke out throughout the horizon a stillness pervaded the atmosphere.

Wilderness Call

Monotonous trails of monstrous animals textured the brown of the soil.

Reincarnation reconciliation on a train ride

At the blink of the eyes, the sounds heard in the dream faintly ensued at the sound of her voice.

A Man who truly practiced Ahimsa and preached it without preaching

When sticks and stones were thrown upon him he complied to only one thing: "non-violence" upon fellow human beings

Caricaturing Skies.

The blueish sky spoke with ephemeral sounds of tones.

Nurturing Goodness

The photons of light off the moon, whisper it's ethereal beauty.

Detoxification of The Body

Till the root is firm, there needs to be subtlety in the way one carries ones' body. 

Unveiling of Karma

In order to decipher the callousness of the effects of such nature is not important.