Category: Evolution

Wilderness Call

Monotonous trails of monstrous animals textured the brown of the soil.

Caricaturing Skies.

The blueish sky spoke with ephemeral sounds of tones.

Hitler’s Disruption: A Biological Error?

Chaos in the name of biology hastened, devastating the science of evolution.

Nurturing Goodness

The photons of light off the moon, whisper it's ethereal beauty.

Detoxification of The Body

Till the root is firm, there needs to be subtlety in the way one carries ones' body. 

Headphones and it’s Perks.

Thereby it is vital that one becomes conscious when there is unconsciousness while listening to music. 

Unveiling of Karma

In order to decipher the callousness of the effects of such nature is not important. 

What does it mean to write something meaningful? 

To the reader who witnesses such glory in words mayhap witness the grandeur behind those words out of which it came.

Sensualistic Swapping

To see from the deepness that is within one and to stay non-reactive in terms of being connected to the deepness within, opens up various many opportunities to one.

Structural Longevity.

Pervasion of life still was in these ancient structures that stood strong in all it's glory.