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Reincarnation Reminiscence on a Train Ride – Chapter II

Emma was bewildered at the sight of a man, who she'd met for the first time on a train from the wetland region of Antwerp to the lukewarm region of Broekzele.

Vampires’ Hunt

As the clouds of lightness darkened to their grayness with the harmonizing of the strong winds that had left things disordered, a white tall figure with thick eyebrows, outfitted in a vicious black of a suit entered the side-blocks of the street's pavement, buzzing on with the stampeding feet of humans.

Reincarnation reconciliation on a train ride

At the blink of the eyes, the sounds heard in the dream faintly ensued at the sound of her voice.

Unveiling of Karma

In order to decipher the callousness of the effects of such nature is not important. 

Physics and it’s Antiquity

"God does not play dice"

What does it mean to write something meaningful? 

To the reader who witnesses such glory in words mayhap witness the grandeur behind those words out of which it came.

Choosing the Career that befits one.

 Education then is of vitality, for it ensures the enrichment of the soul. 

Re-connecting to That which is Beyond Measure.

Intensifying does it become to an extent that what one does on the outer seems completely insignificant.  

An Agenda of Authors

One of his amiable works was Candide, a philosophical read that silences the mind as one cohesively carries on forward with reading.