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Reincarnation reconciliation on a train ride

At the blink of the eyes, the sounds heard in the dream faintly ensued at the sound of her voice.

Structural Longevity.

Pervasion of life still was in these ancient structures that stood strong in all it's glory.

John Lennon: An Imperative.

In all of it they clutched together, helping one another as a force of unity rather than individualistic idols scattered for individualism and fame for one.

Forestry Trails

The scaling of the fingers up and around the strings of her instrument, sparking the air with the subtlest of sounds.

Choosing the Career that befits one.

 Education then is of vitality, for it ensures the enrichment of the soul. 

Re-connecting to That which is Beyond Measure.

Intensifying does it become to an extent that what one does on the outer seems completely insignificant.  

An Agenda of Authors

One of his amiable works was Candide, a philosophical read that silences the mind as one cohesively carries on forward with reading. 

The Dilemma of Television Series.

Theatrical viewing was once considered as a great entertainment that taught people how succinctly one could live.