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The Use of Mantras

Ancient myth goes to state that the voice of certain rishis, have used sound in order to make fire dance to their voices.

The use of sounds can be depicted in ways so numerous. Life manifests as vibrations in ether due to the production of sound and in order to bring out the best vibrations it requires a greater alertness that rejuvenates the entire being into life. Ancient myth goes to state that the voice of certain rishis (Indian Saints) have used sound in order to make fire dance with the uttering of their voice (using specific mantras). In physics sound is an element that gives way to reverberation of atoms in a molecular aspect, these atoms that are energized through the vocal chords or any source through which they are produced have also the energy to transmit the particular “vibrations” of the source onto another “body” as in a form of resonance or through transfer of energy.

These concepts above would ideally give way to explaining the use of sound in it’s most purest form, for what we are is an “energy” vibrating in thin air.

Buddha. Photo & Design Courtesy: Kevin Roodhorst

As we protrude on forward from there to the “actual” reverence of sound, we find that the play of sound does have an important role in the world. However minute it maybe, we usually overlook it, for the “things of the world” seem to fill the consciousness.

When we dig more deeply we find that not only has the big bang started with a whooping whoosh but there are sounds that link us to a certain field of energy through the repeated use of them. It is solely a matter of resonance. To know more about Mantras and the divine use of them I suggest you listen to the songs of Krishna Das, that which almost takes you for a swing through a wave of eternity and so does other spiritual music:


It is then quite a mystery that many of the things in the world has been unnoticed for so long, recently the sneering aspect of science is evolving like a beauty never before and thanks to the great works in quantum mechanics, we are starting to discover that the things we “once thought of as magical” is only a matter of science. However let us not reduce the aspects of sound to only a single field as we have been doing for many other aspects in life. Let us explore the benefits of sound and see to what extent we can benefit from it so as to serve the people for their well being.



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