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Green cascaded the surroundings with a coolness that brought comfort under the soaring heat with the photon packets, specifically due to the lack of trees in most part of the region encircling the middle eastern region of the globe and when one comes across this great grandeur of wilderness, that which provides us with shade and cozy coolness their is a sense of subtle comfort in the heart for the traveler.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse styled trash bins. Photo Courtesy: The08eye

And then there was these cartoonist bins with Mickey Mouse like tops. However I wished that it was Minnie and Mickey in the bin sharing, some cheerfulness to the kids who passed by and to the grown ups to relinquish their childhood memories. Cannot complain about it though! At last after all this dusty circulation of elements in the air, there came the delayed finding of a park bench in a distant underneath the shadings of the stretched fabric roofing.

Park bench
Park Bench. Photo Credits: The08eye

Greenery flourished behind and in the sides of it with utmost pigmentation with the brown of the sand pronouncing the gaps in between the carved grey of the bricks. With a backdrop consisting of people, with three friends walking by with their cultural outfits and the blue adding a contrast to either ones on the sides and replenishing a flag like effect to the onlooker, without equidistant.



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