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iPhone 8 Plus Review

An incredible device built to grandeur with a glass body that prophecies a heaviness which suits the iPhone 8 Plus.


12 MP camera 🎥

Faster Processor – Bionic

Portrait Mode


Now talking about the phones that has been released and the most awaited phone of the year the IPhone X. Rumors are that the recently released iPhone 8 and 8 plus are of inferiority even when compared to the previous years iPhone the 7. Although Apple hasn’t come back with a huge design masterpiece what they have tended to have done in the recently launched phones is that its specifications soars sky high with its superiorly fast A 11 Bionic chip, which they claim to be the fastest in the generations of smartphones that are currently in store and for that fact the most fastest phone in facets of history summarizes a great deal of ads ons apart from the physicality to which I must say is quite phenomenal in comparison to the previous designs of the series starting from 6 to the 7 series.

With that being said when we compare the speed test as shown in the pictures below, you can estimate a probable perception as to it’s highly fast processor that seem to do a great deal in terms of optimization. Although it has to be noted that the glass back is something ecstatic of a produce, which makes it quite exhilarating.

Why should you buy the IPhone 8 or 8 Plus?

The question relies on if you are coming from a generation of smartphone that is completely outdated or if your looking to a processor and camera upgrade on your phone. Then the iPhone 8 plus stands as a winner against all the other competitors in the market, with greatness in speed and ease of use that signifies Apple products since the launch of Apple 1 when Steve Jobs launched the device from his garage in Silicon Valley.


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