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Perks of Photographing a Moment

Like the passing on of great memories, photographs acts as a truthful transfer of joviality.

The concept of capturing a moment in terms of its vividness and liveliness has become a synonym in people’s’ daily life, where the dwelling of many other sparkling humans to dwell in the experience of another through the lens of the camera has become a common practice. Like the passing on of great memories, photographs acts as a reverberating transfer of joviality from one form of being to another, however it is so far only some part of the world who are benefited from it. Thanks to the wide ranges of camera options in handheld devices and applications like Instagram, Flickr, Behance, Snapchat and Facebook, one is open to share the beauty of a moment in social networks. It may be that when another soul sees the beauty,  it may awaken the individual to appreciate, thereby enabling these applications to act as enhancements to human happiness.

For that which is done to bring about human happiness is the most divine of all actions for what is more real than a heartfelt joy, flowing with joyous smiles and a hearty warmth that nurtures the soul?

Red Riding Hood Props
The little clutter of glass bottles within a basket that resembles the basket that Red Riding Hood carries in her tale on her way to seeing her granny through the forest, seems vividly beautiful here with an elegant touch of craftsmanship to it. Buy the product at: Maisons Du Monde Dubai. Photo Courtesy: Ethereal Sparkles

The Origami Birdie

Origami has a style that makes a sculptor to be inspired with ideas. Photo Courtesy: Ethereal Sparkles

With lens so numerous out there to focus things of such small nature that are usually overlooked in daily life, I here must assert that the industries that are producing cameras is doing a great good to humans, although materialistic the product maybe. As forms of art are considered, Origami is of a subtle nature, which excels a shape in accordance with the object or selected beings’ originality to a certain extent and with this birdie sculpture it seems they have done the art of Origami a great good with a small sculpture as such. Getting back to the art of photography, people’s’ portrait photography seems absolutely brilliant for they capture the essence and beauty within that moment for which the Nikon 50mm lens seems ideally great when considering a close up shot.

Favorite Photography Style: To portray human emotion is one of the most beautiful encounter that one can witness after the ethereal beauty of nature, which seems to me is far more beautiful than an inanimate object.






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