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Life as a Reader

Books seem to me as the vital and immersive ingredient that nurtures the space it abides in.


Yes you read it rightly! Of the various many forms of play that undertakes the universe the one that seems vivid in all it’s contrast is a reader who constantly pertains to reading. Not to exalt the readers out there and inspire them with a dosage of superiority but witness what a great shift it can bring about in the lives of Homo Sapiens. Well when speaking literally it maybe hazardous just to point out the facts without no meager experience, for it is like talking your entire life time about honey but never actually tasting it. At the onset of dipping the spoon inside the high viscosity of the content that the bees have collected from each and every vivid flower out there, one just cannot sit without letting the eyes close to dwell in the pleasing taste it sparks the taste buds with.

Now getting back to the beauty of reading maybe seems to be of vitality here as it would be quite absurd to talk about honey when you came to read about reading, but then isn’t that the beauty that underlies in reading a context or an article for it gives the reader something nicer to taste along with the main context that has been written.

Photo Courtesy: Kobra AgencyJames ZambraTuukka Koivisto

Another great thing I enjoy despite the in-taking of words is to portray books as an element that also enhances the feel and look of a rooms’ interior, they seem to me as the vital and immersive ingredient that nurtures the space it abides in.

Below I have portrayed pictures of the gallery I came across while browsing the photographic elements present in Behance (Photo Courtesy: SWABDESIGN SARL). The main element besides the books is the Asparagus plant that is inhabiting the shelves, which is what I have been nurturing despite it’s departing from life with brown and saggy leaves.






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