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Dawning Cosmos

Yet when dawn broke out throughout the horizon a stillness pervaded the atmosphere.

The infinite cosmos were vivid with their starry skies and immersive blackness among the skies. with the stars were drowning as the light of the sun seemed to take its turn upon this part of the world, with Capricorn and Cancer doing their opposite movements of setting and rising respectively. Stars seemed to diminish their light intensity as the prominent light of the sun moved to this part of the world. The lightness that disperses all darkness and intensifies the life of the earthly beings to coarse them to the imbibing of vital energy.

Photo Courtesy: Daphne Kotsiani

Leaves twirled out from the warmth they enclosed throughout the night with the blooming of flowers and storming of flies to refill their backpacks with a sweet tasting nectar refreshment.

Vividness spread among the play that encircled the air of the ethereal ether. Yet when dawn broke out throughout the horizon a stillness pervaded the atmosphere. No great frequency of sound was present except for the sound off the water at a distance far away among the woods, drizzling among the humongous rocks and pervading the air of the morning hour with a chillness that cascaded the surrounding with a generous freezing effect and shivering the warm blooded mammals. An array of air refilled the joyous play of forms, with the squeaking of squirrels arising and the sounds of crickets falling apart in a damped harmonic motion. A red rooster arrived as the sun was gesturing upwards as seen from the perspective of the globe. In a few hours the earthly beings seemed to come alive from their deep sleeps and dreams, while others were straining their eyes with their mobile devices late at nights with the Vampires.

Photo Courtesy: Daphne Kotsiani

To the eyes of an onlooker it seemed as if the entire earth was coming to life, before which it was in a deep sleep where there was absolutely no thought or the worry about tomorrow. Life seems to provide us beings with grandiose in the form of sleep with the touch of the eternal. Being formless itself it is where each one of us abides in every night during sleep.




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