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Reincarnation Reminiscence on a Train Ride – Chapter II

Emma was bewildered at the sight of a man, who she'd met for the first time on a train from the wetland region of Antwerp to the lukewarm region of Broekzele.

Nightly skies spoke with ephemeral tones that reverberated the awakened souls as it did the sleeping ones. Swaying with gestures ever so subtle, which is a magnifying aspect of nature, subdues the heart of an onlooker. Stars that are lifeless, yet shine its creation of light through light years apart, speed of light then arises a question in the life of a astrophysicist. When stars that were long dead could cater to the delightful sight of nature and to human happiness, which isn’t after all separate from nature, how wouldn’t the infinite or God, procure a beauty upon human beings?

Design and Illustration Courtesy: Marcel Haladej

Marcel stood on the extruded planks of woods protruding onto the sea, from the sandiness of the ground that was filled with warmth, conforming the act of convection. Exquisitely reminiscing about the mystery that has now been brought in to the light with clarity and the vividness of his dream during the ride of a two-hour train journey with Emma. Witnessing the bluish pigmentation of the sky with an abundant glow of sparkling stars in the Milky Way, adhered his hands behind the planks of the wood and tilt his head backwards to indulge in the vivid beauty of the sky that has left him speechless as did the mystery on the train ride with “Emma”.

Swift rays of white light twinkled on the waters as Emma sat beside him, staring at the sharpness of Marcel’s jaw line, with a beard that was subtlety contemplating the structure of his face. Bewildered at the sight of a man, who she’d met for the first time on a train from the wetland region of Antwerp to the lukewarm region of Broekzele. The oceanic environ surrounded them as a dinghy swayed in the recursive waves caused by the wind, recurring constantly from the woods on the far distance on to their left, which took a relative swift turn and spun back to them in a way that held the vastness of the segmented ocean bordering the massive land arena, filled with greenery that was a ferocious black amidst the night of the skies.

His voice has a ramifying cool boldness about it, speaking abruptly, which makes one to wish him speak more often. As Marcel spoke after in taking the grandeur that pervaded him, Emma shrugged at the sudden sound of his deep geeky voice. “Let’s take the dinghy for a sail and explore the forestry clusters of the trees from a far distant Emma”, Marcel asked with a look that waited for an approval, as he stood next to her dropping down his hand to sail towards the unifying gravity among the vastness of the forests. Marcel had a strong desire to pull her in to the boat and sail away for the night to dictate to her about the astronomical gestures that the stars seemed to withhold and have a long conversation with her, for he hadn’t met anyone so subtle, with a smile that was full of glory that had no hidden emotions behind it.

Emma gestured her right hand upwards as her schedule for tomorrows’ day popped up on the screen of her smart watch and clinked her thoughts about the research paper she had to submit tomorrow. Broekzele was highly prospering on genetic influence on technology, which she was unable to sway away for it mattered to her more than the boat ride that surely she wouldn’t cherish. Getting up she saw Marcel’s eyes comprehending what she was about to say and Marcel waved her off with a hug as she left in the tram to her studio that the university has allocated for her research with Professor Harry Hostrer.


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