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Ways to the One Path

In the teachings of a great master, all you have to do when you see egoistic behavior in yourself is to "smile", for the ego isn't to be taken seriously.


The eternal truth, which requires an eloquently sublte mind to finding it had roots that sprouted as many teachings, accessible to mostly everyone according to their praticses they have performed in previous births.

With such numerous ways existing to that which is beyond measure, one falls in to the trap of following all the ways, or to put it more eloquently for comprehension, one jumps from one teaching onto another so as to appear important in the eyes of the practitioners, who practice these teachings. When this fact, which is eroding is witnessed and acknowledged, one eventually drops it and doesn’t cling to another ideological form of way to enhance ones’ self worth in the eyes of the others. But the ego searches thereby for another way to enhance its’ self worth in a cunning way.

In the teachings of a great master, all you have to do when you see egoistic behavior in yourself is to “smile”, for the ego isn’t to be taken seriously. The ego or the illusory veil, which is the root of suffering in the words of the Buddha or in other words “Dukkha” is ones’ normal way of living; “wherever you go, you experience Dukkha” the Buddha said. But before one sees it in others it may be of primordial importance to see it in oneself or you’d be like the brave “warrior trying to pull the arrow from your brother’s body when you have been struck with an arrow yourself“.

Buddha Head in Red Background
Buddha statue. Photography Courtesy: Javier González

For the eternal to flow through you and from you unto this world, teachings of numerous many spiritual masters exist. Yet when a universal impulse is considered, the teachings of Buddha aid one in a practical mannerism as well as the teachings of Lao Tzu, which procures one in a striking manner, though there maybe many, in this context I shall stick to the teachings of Buddha.


A man who had left to the forest as ‘Gautama Siddhartha’, entered back again after half a decade in to the worldly sphere as an embodiment of presence on a night when the moon glowed it’s light to the fullest. Approaching his abode, he wished to show the humans, the delusional veil of suffering, in other words to bring being into Human (his father being his very first disciple).

Being an embodiment of space, one day a group of people approached him as he sat in the lotus posture under the enormous greenery off the extruding branches of the Bodhi tree, asked him “Are you God?”.

A subtle smile passed across the gentleness of his being that was held up high with absolutely no effort, feeling the swaying of winds and the words spoken in ‘Pali’ (his father being his first disciple) by the group of people. With the disciples seated around there were no words uttered by the infinite, which was neither a form or an embodiment, it is not something to be followed but is seen within this moment. Buddha who sat with no utterance of any sound, sat with stillness and that was his answer to the group of people, for whatever you call it is not it. The formless, being nameless abides in each one of us, flowing as a flow of energy through this form; the body.

How is one to awaken to this, not tomorrow or a year from now, but NOW?

We have all stumbled upon many teachings and of them some resonate with us more than the others, which are certainly better to be used. Although to use the many teachings at different times would be similar to “applying brakes to a car that is travelling with high-speed”. Therefore before setting forth oneself it maybe of vitality to understand the importance of these numerous teachings, by using them to abide in the NOW.




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