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Genetic Influence

In the drowning of years that followed with recession crisis in Europe and war that was set forth by the Nazis in Germany amongst the Jews significantly, the incredible compulsion to acknowledge where in the body the genes were situated had a far louder out-cry than the incredulous sounds of violence, inflicted by humans upon humans (complete insanity).

Aristotle denied the secret to passing on of genes was given from man unto woman, where he tormented the ideal

that the sperm acted as the carrier of information, which squeezed in details from specific parts of the body as Pythagoras as suggested. Later the theory for such findings grew in vast numbers, research grew in the name of finding what the mutants were in the experiment initially performed by Gregor Mendel in the huge agriculture land that was available to him in the monastery. Being among the monks, he mastered patient tabulation and the precise nurturing act of gardening. Unfortunate was he though in his lifetime to see his works with numerous hybrid plants go without acknowledgement, till later in decade came a generous professor named William Bateson, who witnessed the profundity of Gregor Mendel’s theory while on a train to Oxford and had the compulsion to bring it to light when at a time genes were disregarded, whereby later he taught it to his students and solely believing in genes, he later termed the word genetics to it.

Experiments thus enumerated to see the extent to which these papers confirmed, from Mendel’s hybrid theory by mixing tall plants with short ones’ and plants that produced different colors of flowers. Hybrids were thus twined with one another, eventually bringing about the finding of mutants. When the study of genes were extended in to humans by Sir Francis Galton (who was a cousin of Darwin’s had interlinked the theory that Darwin searched for all his life after the theory of evolution by signifying the meaning of genes, which gave the key to Darwin’s theory), flaws happened in numerous many ways, from the eruption of violence to eliminate the feeble-minded, deaf and the blind in order to nurture in humanity only intelligent species, where in so doing they isolated many humans to specific locations to be exterminated (like the incidents that happened in Germany during the era of Adolf Hitler). When such flaws endured, the search for genetics became somewhat begrudgingly austere.

How could a single-cell evolve in to a fully fledged human being? And if genes were carried by humans, which denoted attributive aspects like skin-tone, eye-colour, height and the like, where in the body were these coded messages located and what element characterise a gene?

Fruit Fly Dinner Date
Fruit Flies dine in for a dinner date. Design Courtesy: Jennie Vallis

In the drowning of years that followed with recession crisis in Europe and war that was set forth by the Nazis in Germany amongst the Jews significantly, the incredible compulsion to acknowledge where in the body the genes were situated had a far louder out-cry than the incredulous sounds of violence, inflicted by humans upon humans (complete insanity). Genes, they found were situated within every cell of the body, thereby enabling the doubt of transition to be clarified; how did then genetic information be transferred from one generation onto another or simply from the parent to the daughter cells (especially after the common traits tabulated by Gregor Mendel with peas, by Sir Francis Galtion  among humans and by Hugo De Vries who was a devotee of Charles Darwin among a variation of plants)?

Where in the cell were these carriers of generative messages?

Nucleus, firstly termed as nuclein harbors the genes, within which there was enough lubrication due to an acid:Nucleic acid and the chromosomes had on it genes strung to it, which carried information of traits passed on from generations to generations and it was this that influenced the Nazis to exterminate and sometimes even kill people who had a disorder (in the progression of years it was proved that intelligence or feeble-mindedness wasn’t passed through genes). Knowing the location of the gene within the cell, now one had the challenge to know how the messages were transferred. Later as flies came in to the scenario of genetic experiments before E-coli, which geneticists determined assertively that it was due to the solution within a cell that made it possible for genes to be copied, in other words from genotype to phenotype. Thus came the revolutionary wave in genetics, whence during a time period many of the physicists changed to biologists and geneticists also due to a book that inspired them. The evolutionary finding after an individuals’ 51st photograph of it, where a prototype was made accordingly with by two mango friends, enabled the naming of the element which transferred genes and it was two helix held together by magnesium and numerously secreted in the solution in which the helix contained in them adenine (A), cytosine (C), thymine (T) and guanine (G).

Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid


The two forms of nucleic acid of which one had a different sugar content was termed as RNA. Main elements that structured up the DNA or RNA are made of a chain of sugars and phosphates that are tied together. In RNA the sugar is ribose and in DNA – deoxyribose, hence the terminology Ribo Nucleic Acid and Deoxy-ribo Nucleic Acid respectively. A hyphenating change was there in the RNA, thymine (T) which is present in DNA is replaced with Uracil (U) in here.

The Process of Encoding

The questions thus arises into the nature of the DNA, as to how these genes tied to strings of chromosomes transfer the messages through?

Genes, which code the messages in the DNA, left to it to do the rest of the enhancing, however not literally. RNA were copied from the DNA, which acted as tweeters for messages to be transferred and in the process transcription would take place out of the nucleus and in the cytoplasm of the cell from coding to encoding, where RNA is decoded to proteins.

DNA → RNA → Proteins

Proteins, which could also be said as one of the sole proprietor of the body, from helping in muscle building to carrying oxygen through the four spade like structure of the haemoglobin plays a major role in genetics. (Fact about proteins: Amino acids being a breakdown of proteins contains (one amino acid) triplets of codings).

To comprehend genetic influence let’s consider the slaughtering effects of Anaemia(Sickle-cell): When a person is diagnosed with anaemia (a hereditary disease), which is caused by a change in the coding structure of the DNA, it causes a shift in the structure of the haemoglobin. Due to it’s irregular shaping there occurs the reduction of blood flow throughout the body and causes blood clots to occur. With these understandings, genetics can be used to cure such generative dysfunctions. It seems vital that we understand it’s consequences at a time when humans are nearly on the verge of being run by molecular sized chips.


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