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Mesmerizing Monuments

Trees of hard-wood surround the magnificence of the monstrous giant.
Design and Illustration Courtesy: Nemanja Mijatovic

Buildings in the recent few eras have enumerated to numbers so vast, with sky soaring buildings reaching the troposphere and stratosphere. They shine with the reflection of photon packets that hits the molecules of glass that smear them back on to the ethereal ether and bounce down back to the greenery far below. One is tremendously fortunate to witness vivid greenery amidst monumental structures, where the architects have given a great importance to vegetation as they have done in sneaking up tall building.

Pollination. Design and illustration Courtesy: Kevin Cheng

Preciousness abides in the trees that are way beneath these constructed monuments, staying so low to the ground they enhance us humans with shelter and clean air, without which our lungs would lose the capacity it currently harbors. Swaying to and fro for the winds that blows by, as the encircling molecules leaves a mist of air behind and carries even amidst the cities the seeds for pollination.


Buildings Skyline - New York
Buildings Skyline – New York. Design Courtesy: Romain Trystram


Winding away the seeds in to further distances, it flows in air so freely, swaying in the air for nourishment.

Photo Courtesy: Patrik Spiesecke

Lodging itself far out in a free space where life could nurture, while the numerous many other seeds flew with folly, dislodging by the tar of the road side pavements. Whereas the ones’ that found the pull of the rich soil, sunk below as the earth called to it in order to materialize a Universal action, which requires absolutely no effort by the seedling but to “Surrender“: to the vastness of the unwavering earth below.

Although the many seeds that flew freely in ethereal air, some were left to the species of the earth to be eventually carried to the inviting presence of the soil, leaving some to dry out, thereby not being able to nurture in it life. Those seeds that were ready for growth with the given atmosphere made it possible to sustain in it “Life”, which brought about a cracking of the seed, which previously the seed hadn’t dreamt such a transformation possible, till it surrendered to the call of the vast earth below.


The Monumental Fortress

Sigiriya Rock
The Sigiriya Fortress. Photo Courtesy: Nick Lyon

Among Nature one such monument, which strikingly persuades one to witness it is the soaring heights of a rock in Sri-Lanka. Trees of hard-wood surround the magnificence of the monstrous giant in the arena where elephants have gentle paths to travel in and abundant amounts of greenery, lusciously serenading the onlooker with serenity. Situated in the central region of the island that invites monsoon rain yearly, the Sigiriya Rock seems to be of infinite versatility. Sleeping like a monstrous animal, waiting to awaken to the glory of nature and its’ ethereal beauty. The Sigiriya Fortress as the terminology goes among the locals in the country with subtlety as an act of nature seems to be a mesmerizing monument of Nature.

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