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Wilderness Call

Monotonous trails of monstrous animals textured the brown of the soil.

Fortitude filled the reverberating smell of the forest, leaves re-freshened by the down-pouring coldness of the rain and the vicissitude of solitude from the comfort of the dampened soil that drowned the paws of the beaver, that dug the soil in contempt to return to its cold shelter in the brown of the soil.

Photo Courtesy: Ovnirox Fred

Rustling of leaves cascaded across as the cluttering of branches against branches sprinkled the drops of water on to the air, showering the forestry squirrels with a darkened color of brown.

A blackbird sang its song musically and in coordinate coordination with the rustling sound of leaves and the still breeze of wind, emanating a grandiose as great as an opera. Arrogance still stood in all its blissful grandeur, with the broken bark, sawed from the sharp blades of an axe. Fallen in to the dampened soil, it penetrated to a level lower than ground level where the beaver digged the earth, moss and squirrels twirling out of several broken texture holes of the trunk fallen many days ago. Life yet flourished even amidst torment, birds took flight and monotonous trails of monstrous animals textured the brown of the soil.

Floral art
Floral Digital Art & Illustration Courtesy: Kato Choogoonkina

Darkness grew as the blackness of the skies stretched in to the far reaches of the horizon, which was a dark blue in all it’s vigor and the illumination of twinkling particles of space that had long died, gave life to the limitless sky, with white twinkling of the diamonds upon the blanket of the sky as the forest abides in stillness, not trembling to the cold of the whispering atoms, neither to the wind that screeched past, serenading the leaves of the trees into a dance pungently choreographed.

Stillness in the silence between the tremor of leaves, pervasive like a wave of vibratory frequency that hits the earth like a ring extruding outwards, perpetrating the forestry trails with the eternal “stillness of God”

Photo Courtesy: Lukas Holas

A Walk In the Woods

When the need for clarification of certain challenges put unto him were imposed with great impulse, Albert Einstein indulged into the periphery of the forests.

Buddha Statue
Buddha Statue. Photo Courtesy: Daniel Tjongari

To not label the little life that sprouted in the earth below and above but to serenade to its unnameable beauty and to look at the infinite amplitude of the forest of which we are an indivisible part, re-connecting us to that which is beyond form; the formless. It being the evolutionary impulse of life, it empowers the individual and allows one to see beyond the illusory veil of suffering. Gautama Siddhartha, to whom “Buddha” was entitled upon called it “dukkha”; an unenlightened way of living.


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