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Reincarnation reconciliation on a train ride

At the blink of the eyes, the sounds heard in the dream faintly ensued at the sound of her voice.


She sat abruptly in a far distant, undoubtedly near the window sill on the brown leather of the seat, with the light rays of the sun shading half of her face diagonally as the backdrop consisted of the luscious greenery, amidst the yellowish-green of the bushes and the coordinating yellow of the flowers. One cannot miss the voluminous toning shades of the brown of her hair accompanying the black and her face that had no sign of precursors but to witness the astounding stillness of nature as it is.

The partial reminiscence of a train ride far back in time, whence Marcel took the train ride in his previous birth. Design and Illustration Courtesy: Marcel Haladej

Waking up I found myself on a moving train with buildings that seemed to move by at the speed of the train’s velocity. Serenading to the moment at the sight that I withheld in front of my eyes, affronting me with a whimsical smile. None could behold the beauty that was seated right in front of me, yet it seemed of the known. The green environs were replaced with structural buildings and sky reaching towers of buildings, which seemed to bring an air of artifice to the one beholding it. It seems that we have forgotten the caricaturing and boundless love of nature and have succumbed to artificial intelligence, which only seems to be invoking upon humans a systematic dysfunction, unlike nature which capitulates and is inviting. Yet in all this systematical throttling of agendas, her eyes gravitated an emotion upon me, which I was never aware of before, cozy in the grey of her shirt and the blue of her watch.

The steaming engine of the train flushing out its smoke in the station cluttered with people amidst a sky scraping roof. Design Courtesy: Johan Törnlund

At the blink of the eyes, the sounds heard in the dream faintly ensued at the sound of her voice. Speaking with eloquent formality, which ensued the closing of my eye-lids. The sound of engine and steel on steel, connoting each wheel together, as the smell of steaming smoke sneered in through the open windows, she said “Marcel, wake up!”






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