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Marathon Prophecies for Gym Addicts

Intriguing it is to witness that humans can endeavor to bring about the bodily structure of Hercules.


Either you wanna feast on that meal you longed to have or lean your muscles to its core and cut every aspect of it to pronounce each muscle specifically and give them the spartan physique; muscle-building since the era after fitness was of vitality, flushed in to every nook of towns and cities. Not only did it provide the fitness needed for the human body, but provided a very keen aspect to make yourself in to grater shape to enhance the bodily aspect and the overall vibe of a person.

Hercules. Digital Art Courtesy: Ricardo Ramírez Hintze

Seeing the fruitful nature of it, gymnasiums proliferated in vast numbers, making it accessible to nearly every individual. Weights stammered on the floors and pounds pounded among rubber floored spaces in fitness centers. The screeching sounds of screams endured with every heavy lifts by aesthetically regular builders and sculpturing each muscle with a firm austerity. Things that were never seen before pop out with elegance upon ones’ body like the Vitruvian Man in the art of “Leonardo Da Vinci“. Intriguing it is to witness that humans can endeavor to bring about the bodily structure of Hercules, which centuries ago remained relevant and possible only to the fictions and to the historical evidence of the Roman Empire. Movies like “300” inspired the awakening human to bestow upon ones’ body the strength, which indeed came as pain, made one stronger and bolder, only one thing being missed: the warrior helmet. Now let’s get to the primordial factors to work ones’ body elegantly and also listen to the needs of the body:


Photo Courtesy: Tim Tadder


Definitely a diet rich in high protein if the muscles need to gesture out and say “hi”. We skip the diet plan mostly as we succumb to only consuming powdered sources of nutrients, where comparatively when solid foods are consumed through its natural sources of energy, the building of body becomes are much faster process than relying completely on protein or carbs from extracted nutrition.


Rest! The ulterior factor that conveys muscle-building to its greatness is the rest that you give to the body in the form of sleep, which helps in muscle growth more than any other form of relaxation.

Cross Fit
Photo Courtesy: Tim Tadder


Tearing out those muscles requires not alone the pounding of weights but an endurance in cardio as well. Swimming on rest days or the long treadmill walks (which isn’t very preferable as it’s indoors) or a long run would preferably aid in the building of muscular strength and build. Yielding


To distill the body and train it to bring out the muscular elements may indeed require a little marathon running at least once in two weeks, preferably once a week. With the accelerated pressure of the body working on such a continuous routine throughout the week, the marathon acts as a body enhancer, letting the muscle to equalize with the entire shape of the body.

Suggested Workouts:

  • The Spartan Workout: From the workout of the Spartans who acted in the movie 300, here they share their workout routine that they have had stumbled upon.
  • Cobra Workout: Ideally one of the effective workouts for back, where Terry Crews takes you on his Cobra like back workout, bringing out a fierceness with a tattoo of a cobra upon his back.





  1. A great run is great for the body, but even better for the soul 🙂 I also like one line that I think says a lot about the human spirit and working out: “the awakening human to bestow upon ones’ the strength, which indeed came as pain, made one stronger and bolder” Gotta be bold to chase down new adventures!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There was an article I came across in the New York Times as to how marathon running catered to heal an eating disorder, which intrigued within me the greatness of running, even Gandhi regretted in his life for not exercising. It maybe that reason why that line came so well, thank you for kind words!


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