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Marcel & Lupine – Turmoil and the search for Order

Amidst torment, glory awaits and in the midst of glory peace underlies.


On today’s conversation, Marcel and Lupine endeavor to talk about the perks of practicing virtue and how the consolidated void that is constantly there seems to be the reason behind ones’ continuous search for more and thereby bringing the light upon virtue, which isn’t a result of practise neither of methodology.

Lack of Order
Turmoil and the search for Order. Design Courtesy: Tarik-Ali SERT

Marcel: Of great ardor does it seem that, order in our lives is completely amiss, that is, there always seems to be something missing in our lives no matter what we achieve, it is a reflection on the question asked previously in this regard on our talk on Persona Demolitions, although it was only a postulation that was put forth at first, on this day I’d like to take the question forward. How can one live ones’ life completely as a whole? (To the reader who isn’t aware of the previous talk: Are our lives so perfect in all aspects, not only a minute area of it but entirely as a whole?)

Lupine: Thank you for your question Marcel! There is we must agree disorder in our lives, saying one thing and doing another, thereby bringing about conflict and eventually the nature of things gets perverted. We deny there to be the absence of order and succumb to various desires instead, of which we are ultimately deprived of at the end. The numerous variations of desires that sprout up in our lives, merely trying to seek the temporal pleasures that objectification can offer, we blindly seek many things, that is we use them as an escape rather than see them as a “temporal rise up of forms”. In a search such as this, joviality, which emanates from your true nature is essentially missed. Order isn’t in any of these escapes, but one inevitably fails to recognize the fact of it, for when one agenda of escape doesn’t seem to cater another one is quickly replaced, almost immediately in some cases. To decipher the meaning of what it’s like to continuously seek escapes, one can visually understand it by an act common among the nature of a “dog running behind its own tail, trying to catch it”.

Having this internal void, one seeks on and on, not acknowledging the void for what it is. In accepting the presence of the void there comes by a stillness, which isn’t another escape or methodology but an abiding stillness that pervades the illusory nature of the void, hence it transforms the nature of the void. An air of stillness pervades, whereby before actions were done relative to the void, now with the air of stillness, actions will have a deep-rooted meaning in them and situations arise that let the blooming of this precious stillness within.

Marcel: Thank you Lupine!

The Girl with the Wolf.
In the evasive darkness ensuing the forestry woods, the wilderness seeks to subdue the forestry environ with the pervasive stillness of the wild wolf and the gentleness of a human. Photo (cropped partially from the original image dimension) Courtesy: Marta Bevacqua





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