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Persona Demolitions

Are our lives so perfect in all aspects, not only a minute area of it but entirely as a whole?

People. Photography Courtesy: Ewoud Bon

Accustomed are we to talk about things that arises, the petty talks of things that are of no avail to one. Whispering about ones’ doings and in-actions, we have encrypted a world that talks of others and sees only the faults in others of which certain aspects can be witnessed in the name of numerous subscriber lists to news and personas, who are a grandiose version of it.

Photo Courtesy: Adam Zborowski

There are talks of the political flaws, the imperative flaws that one might have done and the gossips one entails on as secrecy talks. To entail in this discussion further, two characters, Marcel and Lupine jot out a digital line up of one of their talks together: 

Marcel: Are our lives so perfect in all aspects, not only a minute area of it but entirely as a whole? Forgetting this vital question, it seems to me that people undertake in conversations that are utterly of no meager meaning?

Photo Courtesy: Adam Zborowski

Lupine: Thank you for your question Marcel! Yes, it seems of vital importance to discuss together this question you have put forth. The vocal cords that produce sound in various harmonious amplitudes, now seem to succumb to the nature of others’ so called “problems” or “what they have done to me in the past” or more like “he/she shouldn’t have done that, look what I’m going to do to him/her” speaks the egoistic dysfunction. Although it’s only an abstract version of such a voice, it is nonetheless the “ego”.

Marcel: How is one to demolish or eradicate such a voice, so that it relinquish completely from the human conscience, for I feel it is of great importance to see this dysfunction, mainly due to the chaos that seems to be taking place right now, where only there is mere reactions to the egoistic doings and it seems to me that the chaos in humans is becoming more expansive?

Photo Courtesy: Adam Zborowski

Lupine: The dark recesses of the soul are being brought out, which are nothing more than each individuals dysfunction that are being portrayed on a larger scale, which is the “ego”. However to demolish it or eradicate it would be hazardous, but seeing its degenerating structure and the illusory seriousness it seems to harbor will be useful, however narrow the path may seem to be initially. If a medical hazardous nature seems to be present, western medicine quickly wants it to be terminated, however leaving the pathogen behind and it still stays there waiting to come to life after its suppression. This is what seems to be the action we do on the ego, no matter what is done to it, it stays there in the darkness, waiting to project itself out.




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