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Nurturing Goodness

The photons of light off the moon, whisper it's ethereal beauty.


As things materialize and fall back to where it came from, it seems to drag us along with its volatile fluidity and its gravitational pull, which confers upon the ushering of unconsciousness. When one awakens, then the reluctance to step away from that which is harmful is clearly neglected very often. There arises also the improbable yet probable question as to why the human nature is as such that it is chaos it always seeks, indulging in problems ever so illusory.

Photo Courtesy: Onodrim Photography

Quarrels certainly ensue, along with situations with way too many barriers and yet the mind runs behind it or the problems run behind the mind, like a tin tied to the leg with a string. It maybe that the unpleasant sound off the tin is what one prefers over the depth of the infinite ocean within, which is the home of serenity and the end that has no beginning.

The sparkly stars speak of it when the blanket of darkness is laid upon the skies and so does the photons of light off the moon, whisper it’s ethereal beauty. Yet one forgets the sight and strolls the news-feed in ones’ device, losing the depth that sleep offers and the quietude of the moment.

The Goodness Within

Photo Courtesy: Onodrim Photography

In the recent five decades, technological progress has been immensely proliferating and so is the vast scope of advantages it offers. Many works of humans that were once considered tedious are replaced by passing of electrons. Like all great things, when they foster upon the planet, there seems to be a wave which lets the technology have its clutch upon the planet, for it seems we all succumb to the idea of laziness than to allow the work of Intelligence.

To allow oneself to immerse in the Ocean within and abide in the stillness of the Ocean, imbibing in its pervasive quietude and depth, thereby being rooted to the source itself is the way in which one can allow the nurturing of the goodness within.  Photography Courtesy: Onodrim Photography

It maybe that the erratic sound off the tin is what one prefers over the depth of the infinite ocean within, which is the home of serenity and the end that has no beginning.





  1. This post contains important messages. I’ve learned that strolling the news-feed of mainstream media can be hazardous to my health, so I only go there in small doses. I need larger doses of nature and goodness to be well. Thank you for the reminder.

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    1. When the form of nature awakens to the beauty of a message it is of great joy to the listener. Truly grateful to hear you say this and I thank you for seeing the dysfunction to reconnect with nature, which your truest home.
      Thank you!

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