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Headphones and it’s Perks.

Thereby it is vital that one becomes conscious when there is unconsciousness while listening to music. 


Headphone companies are numerous in numbers and with the onset of great giants and their sound engineering, it has been a greatly growing industry. Booming the economy with the onset of manufactured products, although lately as per sources suggests it is the service sector that is gaining the most percentage of employment and boost in growth around the world, especially in the European Union(Britain too before and after the Brexit) and American continent. However let’s see the use of headphones for the purpose of humans life (not just the current circumstances but the propelling events that may occur due to it in future generations to come), if it’s a vitality or a demolition.

Why A Headphone?

Design and Photo Courtesy: Kyumin Ha

Music has its variety of soothing effects, with different genres and harmonizing altitudes it provides a bridge in between that which is and that which is beyond the comprehension of the human mind.


When played in a certain way it acts as a teaching, although when induced in it further it brings the dullness of the mind, although this scenario isn’t true only with music but whatever the consumption maybe, when endured with a great zeal it brings the dullness of the mind.

Regardless of this bounty boundary, headphones serve as a great miniature sound oscillating device for consumers. The great zeal however lies in knowing as to what extent would this be useful to humanity.

In terms of quality and sound distribution, it sure does marvel the listener. However when it is used like ear-aid devices it surely brings on the demolition of it, for then music becomes the only prioritized element to life, which it is not, although it acts as a teaching to lift the veil of solidity and bring the light of softness upon ones’ heart. As when used as such, technology lately is as such a new tech is being created for every addiction and then entails another tech, which makes users constantly engaged in music, which completely demolishes the art of music.

Thereby it is vital that one becomes conscious when there is unconsciousness while listening to music.

Choosing A Suitable Headphone.

As everyone who loves music know, some like to relinquish themselves with ulterior bass and less clarity, for they need that thump of a bass while listening to sounds. Many succumb to clarity with atmosphere-like real sounds rather than emphasized ones.

To the likes of the people who prefer equalized sound quality, with an average level of bass and exception sound quality I would totally recommend the Harmon Kardon CL, or the newer version of it. The pricing is moderate and since I have been using it for the past five years, I could hardly find any flaws, being a hearty lover of harmony .

Photo Courtesy: Sparkles Of Ether.

To a Bass lovers I would surely recommend the Sony, which is far better than the others on the market, although the price range seems a little too on the high-end. When a lower budget is considered, the JBL seems like an economical option.

JBL Headphones
JBL. Design Courtesy: Wojciech Portnicki


To those at gym, who need that thump of bass and good quality sound, the combination of Adidas sporty look and Sennheisers headphones seems a great combo:











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