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Unconquerable Kindness

Kindness A Rarity?

The very word harmonizes the mind, although to be kind requires a heart that is subtle, that which is not a result of derivation or acts of social service but to endeavor to the goodness found in the eternal Now. In that way it is not only about bringing a smile upon ones face, but to transform the very human being to Being.

In a world cluttered with thoughts and objectification, acts of kindness seems to be only to pursue what one wishes and it decrypts like a parasite whence what the parasite desired was obtained. Then isn’t objectification or attaining what you set out to do necessary?

Mother Teresa
Design Courtesy: Mahmoud abd elkhalek

Definitely what you set out to do in the world matters as long as the inner being isn’t acknowledged. When the factual assertion of this is seen, wouldn’t one-act not merely for oneself but include everyone along?




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