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Unveiling of Karma

In order to decipher the callousness of the effects of such nature is not important. 


Karma in the recent years have manifold into the vocabulary one uses for everyday use. It seems that it is a hype of this era to use the word from “Sanskrit”, which only means “action”.


Known as the language of gods in Hinduism. For when one speaks the words of Sanskrit, it is said that the entire brain functions to produce its sound. Inducing alertness upon one. Thereby the language in ancient eras was a form of union to that which is not.

Language of Gods


Himalayas. Photo Courtesy: Anakin Fox

To bring upon that which is of the highest in each human beings is our challenge one could almost say, it is like that which has been sleep in many previous millennia is coming to awake through us human beings.

Back to Karma

The prospect of karma, which individuals have understood as the effects of past doings, seems to have got a great hold upon the growing of ones’ consciousness. We as individuals assert that Karma is having a hold upon us, since the text has been taken from the ancient scriptures. However we seem to not see the preciousness that underlies all of these, from which these words came in to existence. For words are only signs to decipher and not assertive structures themselves, unless the human mind is too dull and sticks to a word or a teaching abruptly for it is utterly shallow and acknowledge the shallowness brings about the deepening.

For words are only signs to decipher

“Don’t worry karma will have its turn upon you” seems to be the voice of individuals and such a hold is vicious for it not alone clouds ones’ thoughts and pulls back one in to unconsciousness but makes one fall below thinking, which is far more hazardous than any drug effect. In order to decipher the callousness of the effects of such nature is not important.

Unveiling Karma


Photo Courtesy: Jayanta Roy

Past doings of previous births and things that has been done, will have an effect upon one, however the effects of it can be greatly reduced to such an extent that it’s effects are diminished. There is an excerpt from the book of “Autobiography of a Yogi”  by Paramhansa Yogananda (Which happens to be Steve Jobs favorite books) in which is a truthful event described which runs somewhat as such:

As the disciples and MahaAvavar Babaji were in close vicinity near a wooden fire, MahaAvatar Babaji took a burning wood and placed it upon the right shoulder of his disciple. When in bewilderment the disciple questioned Babaji, he answered “if it wasn’t for this fire, your past karma is as such that you would have ceased to exist at this moment.”

In order to bring upon the diminishing, it is vital that one acknowledges the preciousness of this moment as it is.




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