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Physics and it’s Antiquity

"God does not play dice"

Progression of Physics

The word being derived from Ancient Greek that when translated meant “knowledge of nature”. The study of physics implores into dynamics of the physical world and the accuracy of nature of which we are a part. Thereby not to create another creation as nature itself but to use it in a manner so as to create things that works with nature and not against her greatness. To preserve and act is the greatness behind works of physics. One however due to the absence of knowledge that was preserved from the eras before, proceeds on like the many who tried on similar experiments to that of Mendel’s.

The lifting of veils with order that corresponds to equations that are subtle and created with ease, correspond to the greatness of this field of science.

Invigorating the use of not only limited elements but engaging the use of minute many options of availability in terms of relativity.

Quantum physics brings forth these details in to a study, which is currently being explored in to. Since physics is a dilemma of nature it is vital that we understand the branches of studies of which are completely irrelevant to its field of study, as in the statement of Einstein:

“God does not play dice” – Albert Einstein

Black Hole
Drawing Courtesy: Levi van Veluw

Physics and it’s splendor has been forgotten, because engineering seems an avid option for people to undertake for many seem to be pursuing the ideal of monetary value rather than the art of physics of which Astronomy needs to be pursued even further in a greater scale and contribute to what initially Nicolas Copernicus immensely contributed to. Physics lately sculpts upon theories that are of fascination and forget the immensity of the flow of it since the past ages, which has enabled us to create what we are all witnessing as of now. Flows and harmonizing solitude in science is no more for it is pursued only for the enrichment of treasures, thereby the fluidity is lost but the ascension for solidity is carving in, for what good is an already carved wood, when science is the study of the nurturing of wood that is accessible for further eons to come?

Herr Einstein
Design Courtesy: Miguel A. López Estañol

As Herr Einstein proposed theories based on the foundations created by the many before him, it is of incredulous atavism to follow the paths of the profound theories and build the base strong upon them and then allow science to take its hold.

Physics and Symmetry
Design Courtesy: Björn Öberg

For the rate at which we are accelerating, there is an enormous bestowing force upon nature, for we have mastered robotics without considering the effects it has upon the fellow human beings and thereupon on nature itself.

On pursuing the Astronomical aspects of Physics

On what note may one consider to pursue further knowledge in Physics?

To cut off a branch or a twig from a tree and grow from it requires splendid patience to endure life on its branches. It maybe vital to ensure that the branch is enriched before one goes on to grow it. In order to do as such, institutions maybe useful, however it cannot match to the vigor of strength when one seeks for onself, it is what makes the endurance of the plant to let many come under for shade.






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