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Medical Hazards

The side effects of medicines are hardly given out, people blindly take it as a cure without knowing the ill effects the medicines might partake upon their well-being.

In the past, since the age when leukemia and cancer lured the vicinity of America, medicine didn’t have a cure for either of it initially. Later with the onset of research which was adequately less as wars were a priority, led to the finding of medicines that were put to trial from the black bile ideal proposed eras ago. Mice and mouse were used once again to test for medicine applicable on humans.

Cancer has been fought for decades with campaigns and groups that were created to demolish cancer has been vast, however if that fund was used to find a cure it wouldn’t have been so hazardous. With the various many proliferating experiments, many stop the need to fund when there was ultimately no result ensued from these experiments. It is comprehensive that people undertake in so many great actions that serve the good of humanity, but have we really looked in to this problem and thereby found a cure to our daily problems?

Inequality is growing erroneously, for we are like cancer cells accumulating always what is even not needed, accumulating more and more. Lung cancer has been tagged as the most common form of cancer, elevating at a higher rate than breast cancer, due to the heavily increased consumption in the recent decades of cigarettes(If you need to know more about the statistics conforming this, check out the link hereby https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25651787). The talk of prevention and cures are numerous but none seem to cater to it for the consumer society wishes for growth and demolition of the fellow human beings, however hazardous the current harms of cigarettes maybe.

Medicine Bottles
Photo Credits: Eszter Laki and zsófi dobos

Statistics stating the killing of the parasite seem to matter for it seems more vital than curing the disease the patient has come to the physician for. The side effects of medicines are hardly given out, people blindly take it as a cure without knowing the ill effects the medicines might partake upon their well-being. Although such ill effects have been present in recent decades, western medicine seems to be seeing its futility and is seeming to understand that limitation of it.

Eastern Medicine

Traditional medicines have been of nurturing goodness to the well-being of humans, whereas western medicine seeks the destruction of a parasite, Eastern medicine seeks not to destruct what’s within but soothe the body in such a manner to take the parasite out without harming the flow of energy of the body.

The human body is of vitality for it is the only instrument through which the most precious and divine ecstasy can be glimpsed, so it is highly adequate that one is aware of all the elements that goes in to this temple, which alone is the Way.

Connecting with nature.
To connect to that which is beyond, through the portal available now and here is of vitality, for it brings the immunization of the body from parasites. To carry oneself in such energy is empowering to the entire of the universe. Photo Courtesy: Daniel Tjongari





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