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Sensualistic Swapping

To see from the deepness that is within one and to stay non-reactive in terms of being connected to the deepness within, opens up various many opportunities to one.

Depths of Oceans.

Evolution caters to the proliferation of variously variegated particles bounding chemically unto one another, for it to find expression through it. Divulging incredulously as waves of oceans fills up lifeless bottles; it is however utterly futile to tag a glass bottle as such, because if creation wasn’t, none of these forms could have sprouted out into materiality. Delicacy being the softest of ingredients in the evolutionary process, it couldn’t have found its expression in solidity, for any earthling to unfold for the manifold expression of the infinite expressions there cannot be absolute rigidity.

Yosemite National Park, which is situated in the most tender, fragile-like density of earth harbors the loftiest of places where one could be swallowed into the boiling of kettles if strolled when light was not.

Gross are the ever so permanent, for lightness cannot be in such forms, hence why creationist seclude to lonely environments for they comprehend that divine expressions can only outflow from a completely generous heart that which is not clouded by obscure particles.

Yosemite National park
Photo Credits: andrew ling

As the boiling hot kettles in Yosemite national park in America, with the steaming hot temperatures sheltering in it life, where at first instance thought as impossible for any life to unfold in such abundantly skin peeling temperatures. As Origami beautifully masters shapes in perfection, so is the evolutionary upbringing that henceforth clusters life together, with absolute certainty in building, yet so fragile are these earthly monuments for they break-free from their molecular dynamics eventually. Bringing forth questions of permanency, for what is forever in this-worldly sphere (Spherical from the time Nicolas Copernicus proved it on his book that was kept from publication for thirty-six years as the authority withheld any theory that kept the earth at a different position other than the center).

Aren’t we then bound to question the validity of permanency

Not to merely seclude it to a side trail, but to see the significance of it. The variations of manifold manifestations of human impulsiveness to carry out an act.

Fishes by the beach
Photography Courtesy: Christopher Johnson

Eventually leading on to question, if there is anything that is absolute, rigid, permanent?

Conferring into things eventually demolishes the pertinent of it as a memory that which is faded and the river stills into the Oceanic depths distilling all impurities in to the vast abundant that includes for all. For then when the unspoken beauty that you never knew existed of or even was shall soothe the entire of humanity with waves manifold.

To see from the deepness that is within one and to stay non-reactive in terms of being connected to the deepness within, opens up various many opportunities to one. Oceanic Depths. Photo Credits: Felix Renaud

We easily dwell into the river even when the oceanic boundaries are of availability; for it isn’t of importance when the ocean is but to catch ourselves dwelling in to the shallowness of the river, clinging to rocks and the trees one comes across too.

Waves of the Ocean
Waves. Photography Courtesy: Alessandro Puccinelli

As one sees the onset of rocks and twigs, one becomes aware of being in the forsaken river, eventually navigating to the Oceanic Deepness within. As the onset of continual navigation sets forth one becomes the ocean and abides in it.

DNA – a vertical drop-down of coding?

Comes mostly into question is as to if forms evolve completely by mutation alone or if DNA converges its expression in so many forms thereby it being the vertical drop-down of DNA from millennia.

The only contradicting edifice between the coalition of a cow and a pea is that, out of the 306 DNA only two have been re-ordered. So it is a composition not mainly of many forms but how a certain arrangement of DNA have succeeded in coming forth this far, being able to read what’s jotted down in this edification of words, piled up as a post.

Design Courtesy: Daniel Meurer

As deepness rattles into the making of this spectacular conundrum of what we call as the body, it marvels us with how excellency has been a work of natural selection. The arena of this manifold DNA expressions, let it be the simplest chromosomes of a leaf or the astounding acts of natural creation itself, a sense of marvel refills the entire conundrum at the awareness of this fact that has been carried on for eons.



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