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Structural Longevity.

Pervasion of life still was in these ancient structures that stood strong in all it's glory.


Essence of spirit paraded the air as life in all its glory was found once more. The concretes lost their strengths and their longevity. Ancient structures that were built millennia ago stood stronger than their recent counterparts.

Evasion of life still was in these ancient structures that stood strong in all it’s glory. Italy’s great monument ‘The Colosseum” still warps many human beings to its grand scale of a structure, the speciality of course isn’t in the grandeur of the structure but the human involvement that brought about the materialism possible.

The Colosseum
A captivating capture byDiego Ioppolo of the great Colosseum in Italy.

As the aroma of flowers cluttered together gifts the senses with an odour of eternity, when humans work in unified force the ensuing force pierces across earth and metal, bringing to the earthly sphere the eternal within every human. Architectural manifestations of such glory pierces the human heart away from the mind and into oneself, hence their strong hold upon earth is piercingly strong for it acts as a form of glory that evolved from humanity.

To give humanity that gift that cannot be given, yet can be conferred upon through words and actions is of the most valuable gifts for it is of no value, being itself so immense that no numbers could clutch to its glory.

Statues of Italy
Photo Courtesy:Jasmine Sissen

Fierceness of the human being was sculpted with such precise details and it shows how great of physical strength the Romans endured in their various works they performed. Subduing an aura of fierceness mingled along with the greatness of their attires, which had a constant exposure to the photon packets emitted by the star. Living as such, they were not separated by nature but were ultimately part of nature itself. Greatness ensued in their works thus for it was performed for the good of everyone.

To bring about this greatness in life, which is after all within everyone seems to be the difficulty, for we succumb to the notion of growth, growth that cancer cells pursue in-order to take complete control of the human being of which it is a host and in the end having nothing else to feed on it grows continually for its own destruction. We have nurtured the idea of growth to such an extent that one forgets the real notion of it, plants are not grown any more only buildings and mansions seems to be the proliferating beyond measure.




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