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Purity amidst the stillness during morning hours.

Let's take care of our inner space and bridge back the divine connection with nature again of which we are a part.


Waking up has always been a tremendous difficulty, the parties the night before and the meetings that go on till late.

Le Mystère de la Nuit des Pierres - Book Cover
Design Courtesy: Benjamin Flouw

All of it seem to cringe the emanating purity after dawn and before sunrise. Twilight adheres the waking up of the soul, energizing it to its fullest. The worries of the night that are purely delusional blunders up the thoughts, leaving a deprived parasite behind and we wake up in parasitic terms. Such is the grandiose of the mind that it can be used in favor of demolition or for the flowering of the inner most beauty. What is then the possibility for a sleep that doesn’t leave a parasitic element upon a human being in the morning, thereby allowing the freshness of life?

Technology, with the rate at which it is proliferating has a hold upon us, many succumb to machinery to provide data, blindly believing it to be completely ethereal and not

Robotic Heart.
The Fascination of the human heart seem to have lost its grandeur in the face of the robotic heart, however great an invention it maybe. Artificial intelligence if not diligently taken care of will lead to the destruction of humanity as predicted by Stephen Hawking. : Design Credits: Aleksandr Kuskov

ephemeral, forgetting the very fact that it was created by the same human brain that is also doing the work they are doing right now. Robotics may be of great grandeur now but it is the most chaotic enigma that is facing humanity at the rate at which we are progressing.

Robot Prototype.
Design Credits: DAYTONER .

Plants seem to be alien and robots of necessity, diodes have taken more places in the earth than seeds of trees have done in the past decades. Every humans’ actions are easily determined as humans succumb to patterns similar to the machines and machine theories they generate. It seems to be the age that is creating its own destruction as stated in science fictions back in the era. Human lives have become so meaningless that we let robots undertake our works when most part of the population are unemployed. Life has been blundered with human error to such an extent that humanity has forgotten the subtlety of human hearts. Interaction that was once divine and physical is virtual and dead.

How can technology be a hindrance to waking up?

With the numerous notifications and systematization of smart phones or any technological object it may be, it all seems to consume the human being into complete unconsciousness. Taking a breath as one uses the device would help one abide in the eternal ocean of consciousness. However using devices prior to sleep causes the subconscious to continuously run through the news feeds even after one has slept, for the process takes place at a much slower rate. Hence protruding a delayed sleep, which happens after all that was browsed through in the device was processed as comprehensive by the sub-conscious mind.

Highly advisable would it be to not use any devices fifteen minutes prior to sleeping.

The subtle winds of nature. Photography Courtesy: Øystein Sture Aspelund

Let’s take care of our inner space and bridge back the divine connection with nature again of which we are a part.




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