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Instrumentation – Music is infinite joviality

Music is infinite joviality


The availability of instruments is in the widest of ranges. Ranging from Cellos, trumpets, pianos, drums till guitars and the most simplistic instrument the flute, which is the most subtlest of all.

Violin and it's mechanism.
The marvelous quality of music from two distinct instruments; the classical flute and violin. Photo Courtesy and drawing: Alexandra Arkhipova

Due to its accessibility one can tune to music at times when one feels the need for music, siphoning the air with great subtlety and ones’ heart with abundance.

Music is infinite joviality, with the glorious greatness of singers and musicians who have spoken in songs and writing about it. Many however succumb to listening and not participating in the act of music, for it glorifies one when music touches the heart with the harmonizing frequency of the sound of music itself. What is then the ideal instrument you ought to choose?

People seek instruments to produce sounds as harmonious as nature for it connects them to that which is infinitely beyond measure. When such an element is practiced it destroys the background of a human being completely that he then lives fully with creativity enticing his entire life to flower a beauty that which is beyond the capability of a human being. Of vitality may it be to choose the instrument that befits one, for not alone do instruments produce sound but it makes the one who plays it to reverberate with it thus enhancing with unity through music, which harmonies the listener.

People seek instruments to produce sounds as harmonious as nature for it connects them to that which is infinitely beyond measure.

Harmonious Altitudes

Every human has an aspect that is far beyond the capacity that one thinks. For thought is a severe limitation upon the human heart, which wants to thrive and create for its enjoyment.

Helena immersed in the creation of sound. Design Courtesy: Antonio Ricardo Moreira Mello

When the nature of the human heart is as such, there are certain frequencies that help a human being to let go of this “thoughts” by connecting to that which is beyond all measures. Thereby entailing in creation itself. To choose the right instrument requires a lot of awareness, hence why many fail ludicrously at playing a certain instrument.

Practice indeed is the key to mastering music. However when there is a harmonious synchronization with the instrument and the human being, it is the greatest of music one could ever offer. An instrument is then searched for to gift oneself with the most divine unity of all; the unity with oneself.

Choosing the righteous instrument that befits one.

Musical instruments and their greatness in designs to nature itself. Design Credits: Felipe Mayer

Albert Einstein immersed himself in music when the act of creation was sensed by him and jovially he used to harmonize himself with the altitudes that great music could offer, playing Mozart and later creating the “Theory of relativity”.


Design Courtesy: Duah Francis Boafo

It is important to see that one reverberates within with the instrument while playing it, in order to do so it would be helpful to carefully immerse oneself in listening to the tunes produced by the instruments, by making use of the various many stores or immerse oneself by listening to the various tones produced by each instrument. Thence a distinct tone of the instrument would seem to speak to you rather than only reverberate the air around with a frequency ever so subtle that time seems to freeze in all its eternal glory.

Music is infinite joviality




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