Forestry Trails

The scaling of the fingers up and around the strings of her instrument, sparking the air with the subtlest of sounds.


via Daily Prompt: Harmonize

Wildernss Harmony.

Divinity filled the air encapsulating around the aroma of pines as the girl with the petite box guitar strolled along the dampened soil.

The nature of the forest was as such that it seemed to welcome her presence, for it was a soul that didn’t want to scale down the forest with saws and machinery.

Ferociously wild squirrels seemed ease at her presence and began to move around as if no intruder was present neither a predator. Stones and bushes and barks all over the scenery with the dark-brown visual of the soil creating such a great grandiose that elevated one’s eyes beyond the true meaning of seeing.

The squirrel and rabbit amidst the forest.

Painting Courtesy: Nina Stajner

She found herself walking towards the black of a stone situated right amidst the pine trees with a fire that has been lit besides it with sticks and stones.

Her eyes glorified at the sight that she beheld, with pines encircling the arena where she sat, in an almost semi circular arrangement. Her guitar found its place on her right leg as her hand reached for the strings to strum on. Eyes of hers would usually close whenever she began to play a tune but this day the grandeur that encapsulated her, had her eyes widely open staring almost awe-struck at the beauty around and within her. She played with such ease that a baby squirrel approached her as in a mannerism of an audience in an opera do during the commencement; seeing the brown squirrel she knelt down towards it as her eyes then closed to the beauty within.


The sounds of guitar in the woods.

The scaling of the fingers up and around the strings of her instrument, sparking the air with the subtlest of sounds. Design Courtesy: Jacob Grant

The scaling of the fingers up and around the strings of her instrument, sparking the air with the subtlest of sounds that which doesn’t stimulate the senses but harmonizes it.


The Beauty of Harmony.

For it is vital that we understand the scope stimulation has upon one or it would rather be truthfully propitious to see the depth of it rather that only one aspect of it, thereby we can understand the various simulations one succumbs to in life and see the true purpose of harmony.

Stimulation is an act by which one depends on an activity, slogan, intake of pills or drugs, cigarettes or liquor in order to feel fulfilled because of ourselves we are so dull and insensitive. Thereby these stimulants seem to help one feel fulfilled at least for a moment or so as one goes about life, hence we enslave ourselves completely to these stimulants, in the progression of years it is the stimulants we search for to feel fulfilled.

Isn’t ones’ embodiment in acts as such bring on a complete insensitivity of the mind and dullness of the heart?


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