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IKEA: The Unexpected Ambiance for a Food Lover.

Subtlety and ease of use speaks in each produce of IKEA. 

As we were travelling on top of paved brown bricks clenched tightly together with the bushes and trees on the sidelines welcoming us along with the logo of IKEA smeared atop on a spherical rod to such an extent that ones’ neck inclines automatically to an angle of thirty degrees or more to witness its triangular spectra amidst the darkened skies.

IKEA Dubai, UAE.
Tall Tress aligned amongst green bushes and sandy stones as each Taxi awaits for the next pick up from the Mall Entrance.

The taxi driver left us with his petite friendly talk that ensued at the end of the journey and waved us good-bye as we stepped outside, searching inside the bag for the grip of the camera handle to drink the beauty of the surroundings in a photoelectric perspective. Seeing us take out the black enclosed instrument beside the green bushes, a woman who passed us by, waved us with words “Photographers huh?” as we nodded with unsure conformity to her words although we were merely amateurs. The tallness of trees welcomed us inside and into the mall.

Promenades were of vitality inside malls and so we protruded towards IKEA with the help of flatly inclined escalators, whilst stopping by a florist, with the beauty of flowers both artificial and natural.

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The glossy shiny white of the greenhouse boutique enhanced the central arena of the mall and softened the eyes as one came across it, with an air of friendliness encircled amongst us and the florist along with the nearby boutique keepers who smiled seeing us after the sound of photo clicks in the air for which they gave their warm hearten permissions beforehand and we adhered forth to the second escalator that led us to IKEA.

IKEA Bistro
The relatively economical place for assortments and Coffee.

Eagerness filled us on our visit from home to witness and absorb their array of Sweden styled dishes of food and savories rather than their ever creative multitude compartments for furniture and home-ware items. IKEA’s expertise in home styling has been a great enhancement to the life of human beings in the present economy.

Subtlety and ease of use speaks in each produce of IKEA. 

Allowing the barrier breakdowns in letting many countries offer their variety of products that enhance the IKEA Line up, thereby glorifying not alone in great service to humanity but offering products at efficiently effective rates.

Bistro was lighted with warm lighting from a dark grey pigmented hollow semi-sphere suspended from above. Bistro’s array of savories is economical to anyone who passes along the IKEA entrance, which was the first place we protruded to assuming firstly that it was the only restaurant of IKEA, till we went to the upper floor to see a much vaster dine in space with a touch of serenity in lighting and ambiance.

Interior Filament Lighting.
The warm white lighting of antique style filament bulbs.

The warm whiting of the place makes it a simplistic relaxation arena for the fathers who stay behind with their kids while their wives go on shopping. Meanwhile a mom at a far distance called out to her kid, as the daughter playfully ran chasing her little brother around the arena in the home like environment encapsulating within IKEA, whilst at another end a little girl gleamed her round eyes delightfully in joy as she saw her new stuffed toy, smiling at her dad who was having his coffee for approval to play with the newly bought teddy 

Humble Service.

The seclusion towards the restaurant like menu compartment was of convenience, with each person strolling trolleys happily to collect their food. Green Salads, French buns, Cinnamon Buns and the savories of Tea and Coffee.

A waitress stood behind the counter serving the customers with  a welcoming cheerful smile and a badge pinned to her white uniform that which stated her name and the languages she could speak; denoted by country flags distinctly implying the language commonly spoken by each country.

Simplistically Elegant Menus

On to our left was shelved salads and empty porcelain cups to collect coffee and as we moved along the lines framed with stainless steel framework straight to seeing the choices of food present, Salmon Lasagna


and the salad with hummus seemed to go in accordance with one another for us and also being an economical option to choose from as well.

Salmon Lasagna and the Salad with Coffee.

Salmon Lasagna
The juicy delicious Salmon pierced together with the healthy moisture punch from spinach and a subtle touch of mayonnaise was done greatly.

Main Ingredients: Cheese, spinach, mayonnaise and salmon.

Critique: The aliveness of spinach is so subtle with every bite of the lasagna and the thicker moisture of spinach is very distinct, signifying IKEA’s’ priority for healthy meals with less salt as well. Mayonnaise adhered to a tinkling punch in the taste buds as one gradually keeps eating. However, no spices seemed to be present that were very distinct and yet with the absence of it, the Salmon Lasagna still tasted great. Later with the add-on of sauce to it, makes it a good combo due to the bitter taste present in sauce that imbibes with the taste of well cooked salmon. Salt, which when added makes each ingredient of the Salmon Lasagna feel great making it the best add-on to it, which is easily accessible from any tables around the IKEA dining arena. 

The dish has however absorbed allot more moisture from the steam while being cooked, which made it a little too smudged up for a lasagna.

Overall the rating we would give the Salmon Lasagna is a 7 out of 10.

Salad was casual with hummus and syrup; which is usually added to steamed vegetables.


Coffee was nice and equal in strength, which my companion enjoyed more than I did, as I’m a devoted tea lover. 

Service: Subtlety was present in their service with easy to stroll trolleys consisting of two compartments that makes strolling food for two really convenient, hats off to IKEA for that and the trolleys are cleared away at a rapid pace, setting a ambiance for a peaceful surrounding with curative sounds of kids and cutlery. 

Salmon Lasagna with Salad.
Tables and planks fitted to the wall in various styles to have a great food experience.



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