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Choosing the Career that befits one.

 Education then is of vitality, for it ensures the enrichment of the soul. 



Numerous Paths there are, various to choose from. One syncs into so many outer doings as “doing” has become primordial than “being”. It is vital therefore that one sees the significance of this and then ensues forward as to what would be great for one to nurture in. Some outer purpose may be relatively for a small period of time span, however its’ impact would be like that of a Thundering Bolt. Many however succumb to things they are well practiced in, thereby to nurture that skill even further with more theoretical and practical knowledge that are offered in various many continents across the Globe we currently inhabit.

Alchemist of Prague.
Engrossed in work with a certain subtlety that ensues when one plays along with life.  Photo & Design Courtesy: Stanislav Petera

Sectors of studies have been lubricated in to minor and miniature fields to help the people choose what befits them the best. Naively with various many selections out there one needs to stumble upon the question:

“What field of work would enhance ones’ skill and also entail the harmony within, thereby enhancing not alone the life of oneself but of all around too?” 

One merely undertakes in manifolds of educational kinds to ensue for a secure future that would keep one completely safe by having a monetizing element that provides safety. Isn’t then the pursuing of education an element to secure oneself rather than to bring in the pursuit of ever ending knowledge,

Lecture Halls
Photo Credits: Ludwig Favre

thereby the element of Creativity? 

Things have dried up to an extent that the morals of the world has shifted to money, which is after all an element of paper and the stamps of few banks. The vitality that underlies the meaning of the world has become the notion of proliferating in material wealth alone. For what good are these, when it cannot be taken any further than the death bed?

The need to question has been forgotten, but the need to proliferate has been coarsened. With various many multitudes of knowledge centers’ being present one foolishly succumbs to the notion of money, when it was knowledge that created money. Education has become a myth however vital it may seem.

Benjamin Franklin first implemented the idea of bank notes whence coins ruled. Photo Courtesy: P22 Type Foundry

Therefore when one considers the pursuing of extending in a line of education, it is primordially vital to see the goodness that one inhabits, which is far greater than any “things” money seem to provide. As one acknowledges completely the greatness present within, outer action seems to happen on its’ own (not by merely denying outer doings but the resistance to outer actions seems almost absent as ones’ notion for knowledge isn’t tied to money anymore). Then from there one can choose the carrier one finds worthy, however of greatness it maybe. Such action, as one progress forwards will bring upon a complete transformation of the human being, which entirely encapsulates one in the cocoon of freedom, hibernating when necessary before the unleashing of the sacred act of transformation. Education then is of vitality, for it ensures the enrichment of the soul. When such a questioning is entailed before the progress on the pursuit of which streamline of study one should choose, there certainly would be an enhancement in what one does, however small that may appear to be for the earthly beings.

 Education then is of vitality, for it ensures the enrichment of the soul. 




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