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Re-connecting to That which is Beyond Measure.

Intensifying does it become to an extent that what one does on the outer seems completely insignificant.  

The Stage of the Cocoon.

Aptitudes differ variably and so does the inclined notion to stop stepping to the other shore, for the animal nature pulls one back with an assertive grip. As the theory of evolution goes, life on planet evolved from the seas and a great gravity is there upon us as human beings to return backwards either from where we started or from where we were previously, for they seem to be of comfort for the air seems vulnerable and in the seas one lived in peace or so it seems. To take this leap forward is our task as human beings, not jumping on but seeing the futility of the current age there happens a transformation that is empowering that which transforms the way one carries out things.


In the progression of time, one sees that everything is of alien, from the things that one does to what ones’ desires are. Nothing on the outer world seems to make sense anymore, there is a complete collision with the values, ideals and ambitions one has so far held. Ones’ past addictions and vicious actions may pull back one immensely for these would have been done with complete unconsciousness and seeing the light of consciousness take hold of ones’ life, one completely sees the futility of it and becomes aware not alone of the ill actions that one has performed but grows in consciousness.

Intensifying does it become to an extent that what one does on the outer seems completely insignificant.  

The beauty thus grows not as subtle as that of a flower or fruit, but way more immensely that it transforms the entire human being like a lightning. In order for such a happenstance to come upon ones’ life, there has to be a complete demolition of ones’ previously held systematical doings and addictions, which however shall initially be of great conflict as the consciousness grows. Hence it is this war that one has to endure for the evolution not of another form of species but of the evolving aptitude of consciousness itself, that which shall entirely transform one.

The War of the evolution of Consciousness.

It is this war that was fought in Kurukshetra in the book that is still full of life – The Bhagavad Gita,

The Bhagavad Gita.
Kurukshetra war fought between the Pandavas and the Kauravas of which the texts still remain in the most poetic book ever written: Bhagavad Gita. Design Courtesy: Jaka PrawiraDKV ITENAS

which Mahatma Gandhi kept throughout his life, referring to it when he needed the divine ecstasy of eternity itself. Such spiritually alive texts have lost their truest of harmony through various mistranslations and by the people who use them assertively without seeing the significant meaning of them. It is vital that their true meaning is clearly seen for it provides any human being with the fundamental truth of Life itself.

One of the greatest flowers among Human Beings: The eternally present Krishna. Design Courtesy: Jaka PrawiraDKV ITENAS

Aphorisms, symbolism and all the various sects that have been recently formed shall all feel a trembling distortion in themselves, however some may strengthen and help bring the evolution of the most divine of acts.

Krishna, who Arjuna seeks advice from amidst the war in Kurukshetra whence during the utterance of the highest truth Arjuna seemed despised of the aversion of past upon him, declining to fight in the stage of war (His habitual grasping to his past tendencies) abides incredulously into the most precious of ecstasy that any human being can come across in his lifetime, which is present here and now at this moment as this words dwell in the foreground of your mind, deepening within to the precious stillness within you.

Let the preciousness that is vast fill the black (forms) of your life with the ever-present emptiness of white (formlessness). May the white nurture the black



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