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An Agenda of Authors

One of his amiable works was Candide, a philosophical read that silences the mind as one cohesively carries on forward with reading. 

Perils of The Current Age. 

Time has drowned the quality of creativity that ensued in human beings.  Books no more speak of eloquence, they merely seem to drown the reader along with it. O mighty one, what has the world come to!

The integrity concealed in books can be so vast that it can act as the most powerful of actions, unless and until written with ones’ entire heart to it. Varieties ensued that which changed the way people live, it acted as a guidance to eternity itself. However some have been demolished in time, for the writers who wrote them gestured only for fame. Such monstrosity kills the divine meaning of books entirely. There existed a time when not only books but every object had a divinity upon it. Materials glorified along with the ones’ who owned such things. Human beings seemed to be an embodiment of light itself.

Silver sparkles encircling The Eye. Design Courtesy: Bradley G Munkowitz

Such divinity is of the highest and to live as such is the greatest good one can do that tears away ones’ entire past doings. One lives life wholly thereon.

Books of Greatness

Dating back to centuries one finds that out of the many written novels that which existed in the past four hundred years, Voltaire’s novels spoke of great integrity.

Libraries around the world.
The great arrays of books in shelves so methodical, a true blessing it is to come across such a sight. My manifold thanks of gratitude to the photographer. Location: Trinity College Library. Photo Courtesy: Thibaud Poirier

One of his amiable works was Candide, a philosophical read that silences the mind as one cohesive carries on forward with reading.

“It is noble to write as one thinks; this is the privilege of humanity.”  ― VoltaireCandide

Many ism’s proliferates from books and so does the great tragedy of life, which transforms one. Of vitality it is to choose books efficiently well. However multitudes of books there maybe, the best survive through all years and eras. For instance the book that existed three hundred years prior to the birth of Jesus; Gorgias by Plato still survives it’s preciousness, so does the artful teachings of Socrates for which he was executed due to the authority declining his teachings to newbies and the people of Athens.



“The Unexamined Life is not worth Living” – Socrates

The immense aptitude of these teachings stay awake still to the seeker, but fiction and the faults of the world seem to be ones’ notion in writing, for they make it most in to the “Best selling list”, which is after all a falsified notion of success.

All these shall be added unto you, when one acknowledges the beauty one beholds for it is from such grandeur does abundance overflows.

Life will flow with great beauty when one sees the truth of it and applies it to life, rather than indulging in theories and ism’s of various multitudes. Then one begins to write what serves the writer and the reader, for it is only in writings as such the heart soothes and the reader envisions the true beauty of life through the words of the author.

Books then serve as magical instruments that influence one with the magical aroma of a wave, which subsequently moves you. You’d find yourself moved by life, rather than you “moving life’. When such activism is intruded with “writing of books”, how wouldn’t one not want to write?


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