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The Dilemma of Television Series.

Theatrical viewing was once considered as a great entertainment that taught people how succinctly one could live.


Blockades of websites have generated variously, for television series are viewed vastly around the globe for free. An average person engulfs an enormous time span of ones’ life on shows and series of which certain of it are greatly useful. However when one alludes to such shows the degree of presence is lost amiably, it grasps the human being to such an extent that human beings start seeing themselves as one of the character that is being played. This thus endures not only a illusory resplendent realty but obscures the light of presence that can variously subdue ones’ life with great enhancement. Then of what use are series and shows?

Digital Arts, Illustration and Painting Courtesy: AJ Frena

In vast numbers are shows and episodes proliferating of which many seem to be a catastrophe rather than a tool that can be used for human enhancement as most of it render the ideal of regulated capture to an extent that it only speaks of the shows that were made with originality previous to it.

However great pieces of novels are still sculptured with extremely precise details and with an abundant act of creativity that are portrayed with extreme efficiency and involvement. Every act of these scenes involves great involvement that subdued a great energy, which is soothing to an onlooker.

As such great series grew in number so did the numbers that seemed to entirely coalesce such series with an act of degradation for they seemed only to be an exact prototype of it, which the producers thought the consumers seemed to want. The ideal of “More viewing experience” seemed to viral their minds, which ultimately seems like success initially but is merely a degradation of greatly valued series.

For there is greatness in originality alone.

Obscurity endures, when ones’ search for creativity is among such television series, no matter how great a grandeur it may appear to be as one strolls through shows and television series completely unconsciously when one never intended to watch it in the first place.

Illustration Courtesy: AJ Frena

Of great advice would it be that one has a priority list of what one really desires (not a wanting, whereby one keeps drooling in and on, eventually draining the living energy out of ones’ body) to watch and switch off the device once it has been viewed in that way unconsciousness doesn’t assert gravity upon thou.

Theatrical AT 

During the era of William Shakespeare (16th century A.D.), theatrical art was of greatness that every human being entailed in it as do they now. For a theater back in the centuries could accommodate ten thousands of people in a circular mannerism, which enhanced the viewing experience of each individual. Theatrical viewing was considered as a great entertainment that taught people how succinctly one could live. Various genres came in to play but two among them stood vividly ethereal;

A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Design Courtesy: OLGA YUDITSKAYA

Comedy from the famous play from Shakespeare’s ” A Midsummer Night’s Dream” gave people a hint of joy, which could be enticed with play of words and jovial actions and secondly Romance, which ensued an entirely intensive wave of love among individuals, whence war and blood was celebrated falsely. The involvement it thus ensued for the seeker and the seer is as such, it collaborated a substantial message into the human psyche,

William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare. Design Courtesy: Aaron Scamihorn

which brought in a wave of freedom that enhanced life. ℜeality was pinched with a sweet aroma of love and comedy, life of individuals enhanced with the cohesive wave of Love. Joy riddled in hearts and at homes, which inhabited less materialism.

We strive endlessly for survival to secure oneself to an extent till one abides in complete security for we fear the uncertain, the improbable and the illusory chaos that we thinketh it brings upon one. Ah, mighty one is it not the chaos and the uncertainty, which brings upon the straw of endless creativity, nourishing one exemplary to a degree that brings on the nurturing nourishment of ones’ life.

“Take pains. Be perfect.” ― William ShakespeareA Midsummer Night’s Dream





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