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The Coziness of Darwinism.

Genetics swayed with abrupt uncertainty, as many great theories were swayed aside.

Decades of biological history fell apart at the erroneous theory of evolution in the sixteenth century as it revolutionized almost the entire history of Evolution to such an extent that it gave birth to numerous studies enlisting the gradual selection of species by nature and by man.

Design Credits: Vinh NguyenQuỳnh Anh PhanRong PhamVuon Illustration.

A human being who lived among the sages in a monastery entailed in practices to help in streamlining genetic theory and who was a great gardener by nature even though he failed consecutively due to his anxiety for exams twice during his final papers. Hence Gregor Mendel continued to create his own theory, that which led to the foundation for Genetic theory. Mendel however was wrongly accused of using tabulations which had perfection beyond measure. Nagile, to whom Gregor gave forth his theory denied his work due to Nagiles’ conditioning that had a declination for newly bred scientists. Hence works of his remained buried even after Hugo De Vries, who sought out to explain heredity after a petite visit to Darwin.

Illustration, Graphic Design Courtesy: lorenza cotellessa

He later on prevailed to seed more than thousands of hawk-seeds from word of Nagile to prove his hybrid theory as he did with peas, for which Mendel ultimately failed for Hawkseed was a plant that asexually reproduces so no cross-pollination could work in that accord, which Nagile and Mendel were unaware of.

Design Credits: Vinh NguyenQuỳnh Anh PhanRong PhamVuon Illustration.

Darwin spent years after publication of “The Origin of Species” to entail a vital proof of heredity but he failed for he had no access to works of the Monk neither was he himself able to protrude an efficient solution. Such was the dramatic scenarios that collated the past centuries due to the lack of effective communication for which we are utmost grateful for.

Genetics swayed with abrupt uncertainty, as many great theories were swayed aside.

Illustration Credits: Gaby D’Alessandro

People quarreled in confusion after the absence of Hereditary vitality to the theory of “Origin of Species”, which Darwin asserted to have published, but years passed and such a book wasn’t to be seen. Pangenesis (A theory that Darwin had proposed) was denied and so was natural selection. In abrupt confusion were the usually termed “Intellectuals” and lacked did they in knowledge about heredity.

Greatness ensued in time as the theories that were once denied were beginning to be exalted. The beauty of “The Origin of Species” later became to be known as the turn of that century. With such grandeur of theories engulfing in human consciousness, now humans seek to dehumanize the entire of humanity with the very little hereditary information that one inhabits. Impingement of modulated chips in to the human psyche without vitally seeing the fact that it is humans who created the chips (This is not considering the chips that are being manufactured to help people with brain damages for it is of great use to them although it is under the restriction that technology processes) is a process similar to dehumanization. Unless and untill it is used with great care.

Science either can be nurtured enchantingly well to help humanity or it can be used in the service of chaos, to bring the Ultimate destruction of human beings. 



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