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The Impeccable Art of Zen.

Grandeur pervaded his life since childhood as legend says that he lived as the son of a king, who feared the news of a sage who asserted that his son would become one of the great sages ever to live.


Design Courtesy: Brice van Durme

The great euphoria that encircles the air about Zen and Zen masters has been vast in numbers during this decade. It is said that this teaching, which is practiced most efficiently in the Asian regions, specifically China in one of the worlds’ most renowned of Temples; Shaolin Monastery.

The euphoric art of Zen cannot be talked about without bringing forth the most elegant of flowering that happened to a human being who lived 2500 years ago.

Grandeur pervaded his life since childhood as legend says that he lived as the son of a king, who feared the news of a sage who asserted that his son would become one of the great sages ever to live.

Design Credits: Rohan Joglekar

Fearing that his son would deny materialism, he protruded to soothe him with all the material objects that man could have. Grandeur in all ways was filled unto him but Gautama Siddhartha was not an inch fascinated by any of it.

Fear engulfed the King as Gautama grew in age. As time progressed he left for the forest to entail himself in practices he sought. Time grew to an extent of five years whence he withdrew from all his practices and surrendered to the Ultimate Truth on a night of darkness that pervaded light reflected off the Sun.

Gautama thus arrived from the forest and gave the most precious offering a human being could ever give to his first disciple; His Father. In the progression of time, news spread of the enlightened one.

Buddha Image Design Credits: Kevin Roodhorst

A word of immense serenity was bestowed upon him; Buddha, meaning the enlightened one. Kings, sages, farmers and the most renowned of people appeared around him, for he seemed to be out of this world, yet he inhabited it.

Painting Source: https://www.tallengestore.com/collections/sina-irani/products/buddha-with-lotus-flower

Seated among disciples under a Bodhi Tree (Also knows as Peepal/Sacred Fig/Ficus religiosa), whilst giving a sermon to a number of his disciples he held up a flower and is said to have given a silent sermon looking at it, out of the many disciples present it was Mahakasyapa who seemed to have understood the true significance of the sermon. It was from him through Mahakasyapa that Zen had been handed down generation after generations, dating back to 2500 years ago.

Hence came great Zen masters who carried the teaching with fierceness to make humanity dwell in it. They seemed fiery, with their stares ever so sharp and atrocious to the onlookers yet behind all it they held the state of calmness, or it would be more diligent to say it was their true nature. Life endured in chaos, all the masters who came and went in the life of forms pointed to the way humans live as simply “Chaotic”, they all knew one thing that human beings weren’t ready for in the time span they have had inhabited however there were few exceptions.

Many forms of art were created as a way to make the body to prepare to let life flow through the embodiment of a human being and thus came into creation forms like : Tai Chi (The slow movements of the body, which is usually practiced in an open environ), Yoga, Meditation and various many ways which are only to be used as a plant to cross to the other shore.

Zen Master amidst the woods. Source: https://worldzenart.org/zen-art-history/zen-painting-master-liang-kai/


Since time immemorial these teachings of great accord has been lost from their truest essence and have demolished the arts to such an extent that only some of them survive. Various many mysteries and things you never knew existed unfolds as one gestures upon the path of eternity, it’s extremely vital that one sees it all as a stepping stone. For no things of this world can be matched to the serenity of the enlightened one. Buddha hence remained silent when a group of people came up to him while he meditated under a Bodhi tree to ask him if he was god. He remained silent amidst all their questions for God or whatever one may call it doesn’t belong in the material realm neither is it something to be strived for, it can be glimpsed in this moment as you become aware of the silent spaces between your thoughts and the space between every word.


Buddha Painting. Design Credits: Karl Ouellette

In Zen such a glimpse is known as “Satori“. A great amount of awareness maybe required at first as to know which art form that one should perform to make the body aligned in such a mannerism that life cannot miss you, it would flow to its fullest through you no matter what the outer scenarios may happen to be. Obstacles dissolve with ease and opportunities to portray the goodness in you opens up almost with such subtlety. However it is not everyone who’d steer in to such flows of energy. Some become extremely good at what they are already engaged in and will keep doing it merely for the enjoyment for it. Life then unfolds with enormous beauty that one later becomes thankful to the chaos one has gone through.





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