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The Bonsai Affair

Trees of such great grandeur were attributed with the quality of Zen.


As the rarity of the name suggests, so is the rarity of the books about Bonsai, which amounts to the same value as the Bonsai itself. Such wonders are they in nature that they are secluded in the most unsought of areas.

Design Credits: Christophe Largillier

The subtlety of its flowering is so precious that a human being grows light at heart and subtle with breath at the sight of it. What diamonds are to rocks is what Bonsai are to trees. The numerous years; well that would be an understatement for some Bonsai’ have a year span greater than five hundred years, which happens to be a White Pine Bonsai from Tokyo Palace Collections in Japan, known as Sandai-Shogun-no-matsu.  However arduous the process may seem in growing a Bonsai, it requires the greatest of strengths to cultivate one.


Graphic Design Courtesy: Marko Lukic

Not strength that endures physicality but an inner harmony that can only be found from within. Tranquility is another great aspect to such a wonder, for it cascades away the human heart from all its daily escapades to give that divine purity of sunshine which is far beyond human comprehension.

Trees of such great grandeur were attributed with the quality of Zen.

The antiquity of the leaves speaks for itself as does the branches and the piercing out trunks of the tree. For they hold something more immense than the material objects that are cluttering up more than necessary as we try to find ourselves in them.

Photo Credits: Eric Hidalgo

At the time of an era whence the warmth of the heat waves are inducing so much of ferociously energetic photon packets of light upon the planet with the trees having been uprooted in numbers so vast, planet earth seems to be drying of what is of necessity, the element of water that which sustains us all; the life that empowers all and to which one relishes in during hours of dreamless sleep. For us to begin the transmutations as human beings, let us begin from within and may the outer pollution thereby recede one by one as one plants the seed for enlightenment.

A beautiful flowering of human beings thus entails in the transmutation of human suffering, for we have great many escapes and dire back to the same circular rigidity of scenarios rather than allowing pain to transcend one entirely.

When such trees transmute to such glory as a Bonsai and rocks to dazzling precious diamonds, imagine how graciously life would clothe you?


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