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A Travelers’ Tea Encounter.

Conversations sparkled between us as he spoke the English he had known. "My Tea, yes yes come, I take you".


As causality prone my desire for nightly promenades and as the sun was not, the heat wave lowered to the sands and the seas. I was dropped by my cousin at the curvature of a roundabout pavement along a street in International City. Jubilant was I at first to seek out the destination myself to the boutique that was located within the premises of England cluster in International City, Dubai. At the line of a zebra crossing was a man who was approaching the paved bricks of the side walks, covered in a checkered black and white scarf, making only his eyes visible to the onlooker. His eyes met mine and I who was a lost wanderer seeking him for guidance to which he seemed to know the answer but not the language.

Conversations sparkled between us as he spoke the English he had known. “My Tea, yes yes come, I take you”.

Location: International City, England Cluster, Dubai.

It was the warmth of such hearts that makes one able to endure the heat of such hot countries and I who was grateful to Mr. Ali thanked him for his guidance and waved him good-bye. I thereby protruded to the little yellow boutique, with spaces for customers in the arena surrounded by the trees although later on a friend joined me in the encounter after I shared the location with him on whatsapp.  We perceived the need for pigmentation and entered the yellow boutique with a friendly welcome from the person behind the cashier desk and the servers; a Moroccan lady and a My Tea uniformed Pakistani to know that their special dish was unavailable; The Bread Pocket. Being a tea person myself we ordered two cups of tea,

The Crispy add-on to their line of Tea ranges.

two half boiled eggs encapsulated with crispy biscuit powder and a chicken filling with a similar same outer layer as for the egg.

My Teas’ Signature Cuppa.

The tea which outlaws most of the teas in Dubai with efficient pricing and taste that is mild with moderate sweetness and the spices speaking subtly, endures for a good tea experience. Other tea ranges include; Saffron Tea and Masala Chai served in clay pot to cater to their origin which is part of Kerala, India tradition. Ubiquitous was their line of savouries that catered as a well on addition to their tea lines, procuring the taste buds along with the taste of tea. The one we felt most suited was their Bread Pocket but as it wasn’t of availability we relished ourselves with the crispy add-on, of which the fillet covering the egg is an assured winner; spiciness level was moderate along with the potato, Indian Masala powder, a pinch of black pepper and the thrill of coriander leaves atop it.

Overall it was enticing as the ideal add-on for the tea with the coriander leaves acting like a flower that one comes across on a deserted journey.


My Tea Location in Dubai, UAE:




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