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Symbolism of Social Networking.

The crisis and a short history of how Social networking came to inhabit the world.


Networking seemed an ultimate difficulty a century back with telegrams, letters and airmail. Letters were sent only during certain periods when one had the reluctance to speak and that truly had meaningful words that related to what they had in mind. Spontaneity was an art which happened in numerous occasions where life prospered every moment, although darkness lulled in. Amidst such vast destruction in the name of wars, economic wage distribution quarrels between labor and industrial owners as to what part of the capital should be allocated between labor and capital, the use of science to create bombs with molecular infusion and acts of violence on a global scale.

Networking induced vitality for it seemed to be the answer to the so-called “wars” that propagated back in the 20th century.

It is quite enthralling as to how communication makes a major breakthrough by harmonizing one another through act of verbalization that entails the need for peace. Questioning seemed to be the answer and for such a thing to happen, people needed to be shown what is, which seemed a great difficulty with the consumer society which entailed in fascination for news that was encrypted for they only wanted to prosper with revenue.

Photo & Design Courtesy : Vanessa Para


There was an ulterior need of a way to show people exactly what is, without the covering up of stories and news that endure alteration. Networking amidst the people seemed the best possible answer to such a criteria and hence came the birth of the world-wide web, slowly progressing to the evolutionary birth of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Word Press, Behance and so on. These acted as actual news carriers that showed the world for what it was rather than an encrypted version.

Life pervaded with the connection of various many users indulging in activities that seemed impossible even a century ago.

Interaction prioritized and the connection between human beings pervaded, staying connected became imprinted in to the human psyche. Then came havoc with it, the breaking down of humanity in the world, people who used devices happened to be changed to the phrase that said “It is devices that use human beings”. Reaction got hold and life was no more in humans. Applications that was in service of humans began to seem in a perspective as if humans served them. Spontaneity was no more, it was merely crypt-ed to confirm to the word.

Yet there is propagation on the same scale, children no more play outdoors, fresh air is forgotten whereas chemical infusion of air is vital, making oxygen seem alien. Nutrients are searched for in supplements whereas we forget to intake the free natural ingredients.

Trees have become a rarity and technology a necessity.

Life as we know it is decaying far beyond our reach, yet possibility lies in cleaning up the inner pollution before you go on to clean the outer.

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