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We believe that photography is entailed only to those who have the heart to capture photographs or humans beings who we consider as “Professional” to take pictures. But there is a whole lot more to photography than the mind thinks of it. In general it is used to let the seeker (the one who delights either in beautiful landscapes, portraits or nature photography) to indulge in the picture and to experience the real meaning of what it is like to capture an image. To completely bring the moment in a photograph is of immense difficulty, one needs to imbibe with what is around to foster it upon a picture.

There are for instance many great galleries that do justice to photography as in the one attached here below by Julien Coquentin, which I stumbled upon on Behance.

"Early Sunday Morning"
Source : https://www.behance.net/gallery/7452017/Early-sunday-morning-Part-one

A photograph rather speaks to you, it completely conveys the message that the photographer has had felt during the moment of capture. However with the abruptly many photographs one comes across in numerous amounts, there seems to be an ulterior perversion of art that which is completely divine.

Instagram has opened up a various many possibilities for the people who are looking for a medium to publish their artistic skills. It may be that such sites seem to only portray the arts, but when you look at it from a wider perspective there also appears the opportunity to show the world that there is such an art of which you’re capable of. Many need only see such arts and it brings them a whole new way of seeing things, in other words arts such as these entail the seeker with a gift to see things in a much wider perspective. If you need recognition for your work or feel that no one seems to be acknowledging it, find out if it is worth spending all your energy on it. Maybe you’re good with a different stream of field that entails in taking ingredients to procure a new dish or in writing articles; for which sources like Word Press and Blogger exist.

Source : https://www.behance.net/gallery/7452017/Early-sunday-morning-Part-one

When you know that you have to do a particular action there arises many opportunities along with it, unless and until what you do is still encrypted by the “ego”, whereby you’d be struggling in whatever action you take be it even the most “divine” of actions. You can only indulge in peace and joy when you accept the existence of decryption. For then the “ego” erodes which then lets peace and joy not to comes to you from outside, but it surfaces to the outer from your inner most being. Let such action take upon the world and it would plant the seed that shall transform you wholly, when you’re ready for it.

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