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Rumors of A New Holographic Device from RED

The Hydrogen One

Whilst the sounds of the S8 and S8 plus from Samsung and the most awaited soon to be released 10th anniversary phone from Apple, which is said to be released in September spreads voluminously across the internet with Apple hinting on new features like wireless charging and a screen holstering no buttons at all, leaving it entirely blank for the screen to take hold of a vivid screening experience for the user as in the S8, rumors spread of a OLED screen from Samsung that would be used on the iPhone 8. Tech giants that one stood apart seem to converge together to bring in the best possibility of a new iPhone 8. However due to proliferating anticipation of the new iPhone 8 Samsung holds the launch of the Samsung Note 8 till mid September.

Hydrogen One By RED. P

With these technological giants protruding with various inventories to provide the users with the ultimate possible experience another great tech radar in the industry specializing in cameras emerges with the concept of a smartphone inhabiting a holographic display.

On how the Camera Giant intends to use it’s phone along with the DSLR’s. Source: VERGE.

Facts are not yet certain as to if it would also present a holographic display as in projected outside of the screen like in the movies that pretty much enhance the idea of futurism by having a floating screen atop the screen. However this ulterior move from them are creating a great vigor of a wave, which many find it as ideal despite it’s thickness, which is far inferior to the other smart phones in the industry with a relatively slimmer size. 



Terming it as “The world’s first Holographic Media Machine’. Many seem to wonder about it’s possibilities after it’s great work in bringing great quality to it’s cameras, which are mostly shot in 8K and has been used in several many recent movies: Transformers: The Last Knight, Independence Day: Resurgence, Power Rangers, The Hobbit and many more. 

To know more about the technical specifications of RED, click on the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxxEjI27dwg


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