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Way To Inner Harmony

Happiness Is Not On The Outer

These days materialization is becoming more necessary for the people than happiness, which is the sparking for a higher success in life that all want. People go for these outer things everyday dreaming about it and killing the happiness in them when they don’t get it as desired and also lose the faith they had in them which ultimately loses the faith they have in themselves. Money when it comes it keeps coming in abundance as how faith when leaves it keeps flowing away unless you see where the true happiness is and be grateful for every minute of it.

These outer things you seek for do give happiness hence it does last only till you get all these and your routine life continues contrary to happiness. We totally ignore people who appreciate us, always keep sparking us in all what we do and what do we get? more unhappiness as you don’t go behind people who like you, but to the ones you find interesting. Listening to music when in the state of mild depression does have a good effect on thy happiness as according to the researches made. Seeing, thinking or visualizing yourself with someone you love with quite allot of passion does have a quick change and makes you feel better.

Photo Courtesy : Lena Sanver

Often people think about the future waiting for things to be manifested and ignore the time that they are living NOW that is the future and when the future comes they tend to think back to the past that arouses a certain negative energy in them as they don’t get what they wanted to be manifested and forget there is an alignment with time that gives true happiness by living for this moment that is NOW. Living in alignment may what arises a difficult question as to how it is done. Stillness of time and having pleasure in all what you do by looking at them and enjoying them for the way they are and not getting any memories of the things drawn to you but seeing it as a newly emerged object to this earth and enjoying the use of them without blaming them will cease thinking and there will arise a time where awareness will take place that will remove that inner voice within you that keeps telling you what to do and all you do will be done with joy, enthusiasm and enjoyment. Thinking will be known to be something that will be done only when wanted and awareness takes its place and there is the when time stands still and a space fills you up from inside that lets you understand and talk to people without talking, hear without hearing and do everything with the power that takes you- what the universe has manifested to do things within you when you be in alignment with it and live life for this moment.

When this power is achieved things that are small which were done with great love and care after being aware and not letting you do things without consciousness will not any more exist and ego disappears and there comes in energy that will be manifested which doesn’t make a person happy as in the case of ego for which he may force himself to study what he doesn’t desire and end up working for a living but when this power of the universe takes over you through you it will work miracles in all people you meet where they wont just see you but they feel the power within you that enlightens them and this is what ceases the fear of death as your already in alignment with the whole universe which doesn’t have an ending so does the consciousness in you that never dies.




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